The cadboxx is a 3D environment and workspace with a focus on building mechanical assemblies. It is not a CAD system, yet can produce 3D Models for both CAD Systems and the latest 3D Games. Users can edit, create, import and position Models, then connect them using dynamic joints to define their relative motion. Simulations, Animations, interactivity, high quality models and unlimited downloads are just part of a very special service.

This online editor is linked to Mozilla Hubs and Create s free, private account and import models from Sketchfab and use them together with your own custom models. When using the cadboxx, the scene is in place. The editor can be used to publish your work via Hubs. Our subscribers can access all our models on

A 3D Environment which can be used not only as a physics workspace, but can also create and export dynamic  mechanical assemblies of 3D solid models. Run Simulations and record Animations, then view the results on our player or upload to YouTube. Publish and share your creations on Hubs.

No external software or 3D modeling experience required — build 3D scenes using the Spoke web editor so you can have a space that's entirely custom to your needs. From a board room to outer space and beyond, your space is in your control.

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